No, not all people are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. There are a lot of users who use their time to be on Linkedin, networking and finding business opportunities to keep progressing in their professional career. These kind of people want to create successful content to attract the focus of others. But, do they know what kind of posts works better on the channel?

You can relax, we’ve delivered some tips and tricks to improve your Linkedin presence and achieve more views and more potential partners seeing your content. Best of all: you don’t have to be an influencer, graphic designer or CEO to do them.

Inspirational quotes

Think outside the boxWe are living the coaching era, where a lot of speakers make events with speeches based on human feelings like faith, fear, happiness or sadness. Those talks are successful in real life, and Linkedin is no different. This kind of content has a lot of engagement on the platform because people will create relatable connections with quotes. You can start by doing a short search on Google, that is the real ocean of these inspirational quotes, select your preferred image and post it with a short caption with your thoughts.

Personal work experiences

Linkedin is about work, so people are most interested in this topic than others. Obviously, personal work stories are a must in the platform. Everybody wants to know how people have acted in certain situations, which gives another level of connection for users. For example: tell the story when you got an increase in your salary, how you achieved it, what did you say to your boss, how was tension at that moment… shortly: tell your real story. You can inspire other people to act in a different way and change the strategy to get success in their career… and you get engagement in return.

Famous people facts

Most of us look to icons for inspiration when we start a new project or a new job. Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates… there are many examples that you can use to transmit the strength of those businessman to the beginners. Could be how they started their companies, a quote, a hard situation that they overcame in the past, etc. They don’t have to only be businessmen, you can use other people who you’ve come across in your life. The important thing is that this person must be recognized for their achievements.

Videos about interesting topics

Don’t be afraid: you won’t have to make videos. The only job you need to do here is sharing content already made from other channels like Cheddar, Playground or World Economic Forum. These pages make videos about inventions, environmental problems and other relevant topics that would normally become viral on Linkedin. Other interesting topics to share in video format: marketing campaigns, tricks for day to day life and speeches with tips.

“Free” content in return

This one is a win-win habit for your Linkedin presence. Do you have something to offer? For example, an ebook or a webinar? You can do a publication asking for people interested in the content you have. The only condition is to deliver the content to the people who comment in the post. The more comments you get, the better for the virality of your post.

Bonus track: just touch a topic and ask people

When you have achieved a notorious amount of contact on the platform, when will be the time to interact with them. Best way to do that? Just post about one topic and close the publication with a basic call to action. “What do you think?”, “What would you do in this situation?”, “What option would you choose?”, etc.

Very complicated? You still have another way to improve your Linkedin presence: leave the management in our hands. Get in touch with us and take your personal and company profiles to the next level.