Following from what can only be described as the painful and traumatic death of the world-renowned video sharing platform ‘vine’ in 2017 (rip vine, #gbnf) it’s safe to say that it was sorely missed.


We all knew that it was only a matter of time before some form of replacement would be snapped up to take its place.

Now, whether it would have the ability to fill the very large shoes left behind and not to mention, the very large holes left in many empty hearts is certainly up for debate, but, nevertheless, it has arrived, and so far, it’s making a pretty good bash at it.

‘Douyin’ which originated in China recently collaborated with larger company ‘’ (which has had a brief successful spell in the social media markets in previous years). Together, they have taken advantage of the recent video frenzy creeping onto almost every current platform and created a new app devoted to video sharing named ‘TikTok’.

TikTok describes itself as “the destination of short form mobile videos” allowing users to create videos ranging in length from 3-15 second music videos or short looping videos up to 1 minute.

This gives the user freedom to create content on whatever they want; short snippets of lip syncing, creating your own music video, dancing, acting out a short skit, maybe even of your pets, if you fancy?

I mean, some of which – let’s not lie – rein very high on the unbearably cringey scale but I reckon that’s inevitable, plus don’t worry, we’ve all been there…personally, too many times to count – I’d die if I was to look at my Bebo again now!


The Rise of TikTok

Following from its TV debut on Jimmy Fallon’s “late late show” the app has sky rocketed in popularity, particularly in mainstream US but also on a worldwide level. According to Marketing charts, In the US 1st quarter TikTok was named the 3rd most downloaded app proving, it has undoubtedly taken the market by storm. The app gained 4.9million users in a single year period (2.6mil in Oct17 to 7.5mil in Sept18). But, that’s not all, in the last 6 months until march 2019 TikTok showed no signs of slowing down, increasing yet again in popularity to 14.3mil almost doubling its numbers from 6 months prior.

It was further highlighted that the majority of those using the app can be classed into the 18-24-year-old demographic, occupying more than ¼ of the total US visitors (3.7 million). Looking in even closer detail, it was revealed that the majority are also, primarily female.

As illustrated below;


Could this be an opportunity for Marketers?

Whenever there’s a new popular social media platform, you know what that means…there’s always a future craze and potential marketing opportunity lurking closely around the corner, particularly for those targeting that exact demographic.

Maybe you could take the heat off current paid media budgets such like current Instagram campaigns and snapchat stories and instead, project these efforts into TikTok? With such a demographic that already take influencer marketing very well, who’s to say that an opportunity isn’t in fact, looking rather rife?

However, despite this massively impressive growth it is still nothing compared to other social media giants. For example, take a look at this google trends search comparison of both TikTok (blue) and Snapchat (red)…

*Source: GoogleTrends

Even with Snapchat’s steady declining in popularity, it still appears to be miles ahead of the newly discovered TikTok, therefore, these new opportunities should always be treated with caution, particularly in an environment as unpredictable as social media, you never know, what’s popular today may not be tomorrow!

Despite this, it is still very early days for TikTok but from what we can see, it’s most definitely headed in the right direction, with increases in popularity of this scale in the US then it can only be a matter of time before the UK follows suit.

Already, the UK has seen a similar increase in popularity for the app…

*Source: GoogleTrends

Where there’s an opportunity to be seized, you can always rely that marketers won’t be too far behind, so, could you be one of the first?