Everybody talks about Growth Hacking these days. You’ve probably heard of it, too. But what exactly is it? What can you do to become a growth hacker in 2019? We’ll try to solve all your questions in this post (and to show you some tools that can help you achieve success in your social media channels).

Ok, sounds good, but what does that mean exactly?

First of all, Growth Hacking is a marketing practice which enables your business to grow in a short time with a low budget.  This alternative to more traditional marketing efforts is focused on low-cost ways to achieve relevance, leads, and – of course – money. Growth hacking is very popular within social media marketing, and it’s especially common in start-up companies who often lack investment in the first few months.

How can I become a super growth hacker?

As in the majority of cases, this can be achieved by reading everything you can find on a certain topic.  In short, growth hacking is based on stats, tricks, and knowledge of the most efficient and successful practices of each channel. This is especially difficult as the channels are always changing. Essentially, if you pay for a class on growth hacking, you’re probably wasting both your time and your money, as platforms are continually modifying their algorithms. I highly recommend that you take a look at Growth Hacker Tv, there are a lot of really good videos from people with professional experiences.

Perfect, but I want to know how it works

There are as many possibilities as channels exist. And more are added every single day, as people are analysing each tool and practice to discover new successful hacks. One example of this: if you want to get more likes through Linkedin, create a post and then use LinkedHelper to automatize the delivery of many InMails messages to your contacts asking for feedback about your content. This way, you’ll get more views,  more engagement and as a consequence, you reach more people. Really easy – but something most users wouldn’t even consider doing.

Tools, tools everywhere

Normally, the majority of tools are developed to help your SEO and email marketing efforts. But there are some options as Sniply, one tool that can be used for social media. It’s a shortener who allow you to include a CTA for the person who clicks on the link. When one person goes to the content, a small pop up appear in one corner at the bottom to redirect him to your main website. Or you can select ManyChat, who help you to integrate a bot for free in your Company’s Facebook messenger. Maybe you need to track what people are talking about your brand, why you should take a look at Mention, who is able to monitor the mentions of your business across all social media channels.

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