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The Best Free Tools for Getting Started with SEO

By 11th March 2019 No Comments

Looking to increase your SEO efforts, but being held back by a tight budget? Let’s take a wee look at some of the best free tools for getting started with SEO.


We occasionally speak to clients who are hesitant about spending money on SEO. For many, it’s something they really don’t understand the purpose of (“your job is to make websites rank on Google? But I thought Google does that for you automatically?”). While some clients are happy to spend money on more temporary marketing campaigns like PPC or email marketing, they suddenly seem reluctant when we suggest SEO campaigns. Yes, an SEO optimization might take a bit longer to give you results than a quick email blast does, but the benefits of SEO marketing can be absolutely grand.

When done right, SEO can bring you organic traffic long after the invoice is paid, and the SEO campaign is finished. In fact, when it’s done right, SEO will bring you the kind of traffic that pays.

“Fair enough”, I hear you say. “I’ll try it, but I don’t have a budget.”

Well luckily for you, there are a few free SEO tools on the market. Let’s get you started on your SEO journey, shall we?



Any SEO practitioner worth their salt will know the importance of keywords (and so should you, mate!). More often than not, finding the right keywords can make or break your SEO campaign.

With this particular tool, you can gather keywords from a rather unorthodox, but effective source – Reddit. I personally love Reddit, and I can spend hours disappearing into black holes of conspiracy theories, weird history facts and recent scientific research (yes, I’m a proper nerd. This is also why I’m such a valuable asset to any pub quiz team). Nerd talk aside, Reddit is an often-frequented social medium with over 540 million monthly users. With Keyworddit, you can just enter the name of any subreddit (which is relevant to your own content) and it will extract keywords for you, as well as some monthly search statistics.

If you’re operating in a space that has a strong presence in Reddit, then this will definitely be a useful tool for your SEO efforts.


Moz Local Listing Score

Some businesses just vehemently deny ever updating their website, let alone invest money in SEO. This is because they believe their business to be a local unit, which everyone in their area should know exists.

That’s fine by me, but it doesn’t hurt to occasionally remind people of your existence? Or try to attract customers from a neighbouring town?

Even way back in 2017, more than 50% of shoppers were using the internet when they were looking for a specific product. Sure, your business may have been around since 2000 BC, but if it isn’t listed in the search results, people might just… forget about your existence. Instead, they’ll buy it somewhere else.

This tool is important if you operate locally, as it gives you an idea of how your local business is performing online. Basically, this software calculates numbers from various sources (Google, Facebook etc.) and show you what your customers see when looking for you online. It’s actionable information that might lead to a stronger online presence.


SEO Web Page Analyzer

So, let’s for a minute say that you’ve already done all the research anybody could do on maintaining a successful SEO campaign. After making some changes and seeing some positive results, you’re feeling fully confident that you’re on the right track.

However, you’re probably still making some mistakes. The best thing to do here, would be to make use of a software to check how well your SEO efforts are performing. SEO Web Page Analyzer studies your website and gives you comprehensive data on how its performing SEO-wise. It shows you any missing links, tags, misdone headings, and even images that don’t have a caption or description.

You can also get an SEO score after the analysis, which you can use to benchmark your progress as you go on. 

You might think I’m joking, but the almighty Google is easily one of the most powerful, free SEO tools as your disposal. No downloads, no sign-ups – just you, Google and an incognito window (use an incognito window so that you don’t affect any of the organic data on your searches. Google can sometimes rank you higher on a specific keyword, if you’ve visited the website plenty of times previously).

Use this to boost your keyword research, as the autocomplete feature is pretty accurate when suggesting the keywords use the most. After this, you can investigate the top pages ranking for your chosen keyword – can you write better content than them?



In the beginning of your foray into SEO, you will encounter the acronym SERP. It stands for Search Engine Results Page, and it is the actual page filled with results (who would’ve thought). This is one of the best indicators of how well you are doing on SEO—what your rank is on the SERPs.

Of course, if you are truly a greenhorn in SEO, your website most likely won’t appear on the first few pages (which is largely useless anyway, nearly 90% of Google-goers don’t go past the first three results on page 1.)

This tool, however, is really useful when you want to know the fruits of your labour. It’s a rank checking tool, where you’ll see how well your website is doing by using five keywords at a time. All you have to do is enter your domain name, and then the keywords and SERPROBOT does the rest. It even lets you search how well you rank in different regions like the UK or even non-English speaking locations.


Start Your SEO Efforts Today

To be honest, you probably should have started your SEO efforts five year ago. But that doesn’t mean it’s too late! Start SEO optimizing your website today – by getting a leg up as soon as possible, so you can improve as soon as possible. If you think SEO is daunting, you can always have a chat with us here at Fierce Digital. Let 2019 be the year where you improve your organic traffic!