Prior to creating a Social Media Strategy, you need to know what your main target is and, secondly, choose the proper channel to reach it. Why do companies not normally follow these important steps? Nobody knows, but we’re here to help them.

Nowadays it’s very common that every single company has a presence on every single platform in the social media world. Makes sense? If your target is a baby boomer and your business is related to car wheels, maybe your best option isn’t to be on twitter, right? A lot of businesses believe that to make social media channels work is too easy, but in reality this isn’t the case and they need a correct strategy first. It’s not enough to publish good pics and smart copies; firstly you need to understand your audience using research, stats and studies, do a correct and suitable plan to reach it while investing time and money.

Centennials (1997 – 2006)

We are talking about the first generation who grew up 100% digital. They are always updated about new trends on the platforms and are heavy users of them as well. Their favorite ones? Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. They are more visual than our generation, and they have a different sense of humor, so have this in mind if you’re thinking about creating content for them. They could spend hours watching their favorite Youtubers or doing videos on TikTok. They react well to the use of influencers on social media, and it’s a good opportunity to make promotions with them because of their loyalty.

Millennials (1981 – 1996)

The largest gen group currently. They are heavy users of social media as centennials, but they didn’t grow up with a tablet in their hands. They still use Facebook (although this reality is decreasing daily), and also having fun on Instagram and Twitter. They use other platforms like Youtube, but they don’t follow many YouTubers as the youngest users do (mainly because the majority of YouTubers are gamers, and that is a land for centennials). Forget them if you pretend to create a profile on Snapchat or TikTok: they are not interested in those platforms. Sorry, we can’t be perfect (?).

Gen X (1965 – 1980)

With this generation, we start to talk about the ages less exploited by marketing. Normally, the majority of campaigns are directed to millennials, but gen x exists as well and can represent a good opportunity for many brands. They are heavy users on Facebook and their presence is increasing day to day on Instagram, the trendy platform nowadays. On the other hand, this gen is well represented on Linkedin, where over time, people achieve better jobs position and begin to be more active on the business platform.

Baby boomers (1946 – 1964)

Baby boomers are a very interesting segment of people for marketers. Obviously, they are more interested in Facebook, the first and main social media platform, but you can find them on Linkedin and Pinterest as well. What? Are you surprised by this? They are one of the principal kind of users on Pinterest, probably because they have houses to decor and the platform is perfect to achieve the living room you always wished. So, if your business is related to furniture, you definitely have to create a Pinterest profile.



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