Working in a digital agency, it’s safe to say that Team Fierce live and breathe social media. In order to help you overcome the dreaded Monday Blues, we thought it would be nice to share our favourite Instagram accounts with our readers. Are you ready for a good, ol’ dose of IG?

Dominik, Junior Designer

This is my favourite. No explanation needed.

Chowder the Dog

Patrina, Digital Marketing Manager

Confession: I follow a lot of cat profiles. I love cats, ok. But besides all those cute cat photos (a catfie?), I love to follow this account featuring medieval memes. It’s not inspiring or anything, just really stupid and funny. Sometimes that’s exactly what I need.

Medieval Reacts

Juan, Social Media Executive

I follow a lot of accounts regularly, like a lot. While I’m not sure if this is my absolute favourite, there’s no doubt that this is the account that probably inspires me the most. The creator is insanely creative and uses common objects to emulate real situations and landscapes. So fascinating!

Tanaka Tatsuya

Niamh, Email Marketing Executive

I’m obsessed with The Receipts Podcast, both their IG profile and the actual podcast. It’s hilarious.

The Reciepts Podcast

Corey, Senior Designer

As the only vegan in the office, I feel like it’s my job to sprinkle some plant-based awareness around. This account is run by a plant-based nutritionist, and it includes smart recipes and easy-to-follow instructions. The creator gets an extra bonus point for good presentation and symmetry throughout most of the posts – this naturally appeals to the designer in me.

Cooking for Peanuts

Christina, Content and SEO Executive

As a storyteller myself, I’m always on the look-out for incredible people sharing inspiring stories. This account moves through New York City (and now also the entire world!) one emotional story at a time. It’s a stunning journey through human life, and it shows that, deep inside, we’re all equally sad, vulnerable and scared. And, other times, we’re just damn happy.

Humans of NY

Lauren, Digital Marketing Intern

I’m the self-proclaimed Instagram queen of the office, so I can assure you that I know a fabulous Instagram account or two. While it’s hard to pick just one, I’m choosing this because I’m far too easily amused and can howl at it for hours.

(You can thank me later)


Sarah, Account-Based Marketing Executive

I love this guy not only because he’s hilarious, but he’s also an incredible representation of the best parts of my home country (South Africa). He’s worked really hard to get to where he is – he sees the world with amazing clarity, and he’s not afraid to say it.

(I feel very cultured and responsible now) 

Trevor Noah

Jack, Data Analyst

This is Chris Hemsworth. He’s cool. I want to be like him.

(Who wouldn’t?)

Chris Hemsworth