Whenever you start a new project, there’s usually a process in the beginning where you dive head first into market research.


This is such an important step for us here at Fierce Digital, as it means we get to catch up on some of the latest trends, processes and designs that are going around. We always learn something new at this stage, and we love when we get to interpret it in our own style before we add the client’s brief into the mix. The result? Your project will look great.


By doing a quick Google search, you’ll find a plethora of design blogs and resources which can help you stay updated. But how do you know which sites are best for delivering top design and development inspiration?

Luckily, there are websites focused on delivering the absolute best and latest trends in each category. For example, if you’re looking for some awesome website design tips, we’d recommend that you go to this website right here. Not only does it showcase quality website designs, but it also holds a directory of agencies within the industry, spanning across multiple countries.

If you’re more into branding and digital design, you should visit Dribbble which is a designer social site. Very similar to Instagram, but primarily meant for designers to express personal or professional projects they’ve been working on. Another site we recommend, which is kind of like an all-in-one tool is Behance. It’s part of the Adobe community in which you can create your own profile and showcase all the fab projects you’ve been working on lately – from logo designs to complex UX workflow processes.

And lastly, here at Fierce we’ve been using a resource for resources. This is a true gem for any budding designer to get the best insights, inspiration, user research, presentation, collaboration and more.

Let us inspire you

Does hunting for design trends sound like a lot of work? Do you have much better things to do with your day, you say? Yeah, no problem, mate. Let our dedicated team of experts help you out with your design headaches. Check out the work we’ve done for our Fierce Friends here, or get in touch today.