Throughout my 19 years on this earth if there’s anything I’ve mastered it’s most definitely the art of people watching.

Give me a bottomless hot chocolate and a pair of earphones and I could quite contently sit in the same spot all day watching the world go by, observing people. (I’ve realised that trying to make myself NOT sound like a creep when I say that is difficult…but I promise…I’m not!)


Having never experienced working in an office environment before, I picked up on a lot of things. So what better introduction is there than to talk you through a day in the life of a fly on the fierce wall.

First off…

The small village of desks really is quite fascinating, everyone’s little home is personally tailored to suit them, fenced off between each other only by the mountains of wires and cables.

Looking down one row of desks (or street of houses if we’re going to keep this metaphor going…I’m enjoying it, so I think I will) you’ll find the first cluttered with pens, paper, empty mugs, pretty much an all-around bomb site.

Good luck trying to find the computer monitor plastered with sticky notes of appointments, to-dos or unfinished phone numbers.

The neighbour of this desk, however, will be the most pristinely organised. The desk in which every other desk could only dream of becoming! This features a five-piece stationary holder – colour coded. Of course– and a delicate arrangement of cacti, making it Instagram worthy 24/7.

The noise of clicking keyboards and ongoing phone calls as everyone busies away is peaceful, particularly with the lull of the radio in the background.

When the clock strikes 11 o’clock, this idyllic town descends into absolute CHAOS

The free fruit delivery has arrived!!

…Picture frames of kids and pink fluffy pencil cases go flying as the stampede for the ripest banana commences. It’s intense.

Once the delivery man escapes with minimal injuries and the fruit is demolished without trace, all snaps back to reality as if nothing has happened, photo frames are straightened, toppled cacti are back to their original positions and lost shoes are returned to their rightful owners.

…okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the gist!

The point is, all Is calm!

Well, until lunchtime anyway before the daily ping pong tournament kicks off, which is never complete until tears of fully-grown men are shed…but let’s not get into that. (Maybe one day I’ll bless you with a match report.)

Another thing I’ve noticed through my observations is the key types of personalities in the wolf pack; there’s far too many to talk about them all, but I’ll give you a couple of my favourites.

1. The Eater

No matter if it’s 10am, 2pm or half 4 in the afternoon, they are guaranteed to be eating something.

Not to mention the full on 3 course meal they bring for their lunch.

(side note: no consideration will be taken of the smells emitted).

2. The Company Clown

Very much like your stereotypical class clown, except to a much more advanced level! If anyone is going to be looking for a windup, pulling pranks, or creating a mass flood by spilling their coffee all over their desk – it will be this guy!

3. The Motivator

The most positive person you will ever meet, always a glass half full! The rest of the office could look like a zombie apocalypse has hit…but NEVER this guy, they are a genuine fountain of motivational comments; c’mon guys, you can do it!

Despite this sometimes being the last thing you want to hear, without these people, nothing would get done.

Put all this together, and you get a Fierce Digital in the life, which in summary, is a dynamic and highly entertaining working environment.

So…Welcome to the world of the wolves. 

Speak soon. 

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