December has struck, and the Fierce office is beginning to embrace its inner Christmas spirit.


Nothing screams Christmas like the frightening amount of people who find it perfectly acceptable to whip out the Xmas attire before the 1st of December. I’ve not only seen jumpers, I’ve seen hats, earrings, bags and even socks – also, may I add, they are very…’tasteful’…as I’m sure you can imagine.

Despite how amusing I do find this change in fashion sense, I still believe that the best part of the wind down to Christmas is, without a doubt, the decorations.

I think it’s safe to say that what you picture as a respectable and professional working environment is beginning to transform into what can only be described as a makeshift Santa’s grotto on steroids.

That’s not to mention, the priceless entertainment provided by the struggle…

It never fails to amaze me the measures people go to in an attempt to make the LEAST festive items into something somewhat Christmassy.

Don’t be so silly

The 8 Christmas trees – all varying sizes – plastered around the office are quite simply, just not enough. (at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if I opened the fridge and found a mini tree)

…how foolish of me to even consider!

No. No.

Instead, we also feel the need to give everything an extra wee finishing touch.

Desk phone? Whack a Merry Christmas sticker on it…Windowsill? Shove a plastic garland up there… Random Pillar? Awk, Slap on a couple of candy canes, 40,000 fairy lights and a stocking…Why not? It’s CHRISTMAS!

I kid you not, it is no exaggeration when I say to you… I saw a PLANT POT filled with TINSEL instead of soil…   A. PLANT. POT?

Nah, all joking aside, who isn’t like that when it comes to Christmas though? I know I am and there’s no shame – my computer monitor looks a treat.

The only downside to this is the slightly terrifying ‘Santa’ (or angel?) staring at me from the top of the Christmas tree across the room.

To be quite truthful, I honestly thought it was a mildly deformed Gandalf…

But oh well… Tis the season of pigs in blankets after all.

Regardless of how enthusiastic most of the team are, there’s always that one guy who feels the need to rain on everyone’s parade.

As the 25th is fast approaching, the Christmas tunes are of course, on repeat – yes, don’t worry, Mariah makes an appearance at least 8 times a day – however, I don’t even think we made it to the 6th of December before there was a dramatic outburst from the Grinch in the corner demanding It gets switched off. Sigh.

Nevertheless, one thing we can all agree on, is the love for a Christmas night out. The monumental night in any workplace where things are bound to get messy!

The following day, the office isn’t even a fragment of what it usually is, an empty shell filled only with painfully mortifying memories from the night before. I refuse to look at my Snapchat story!

Poor old Jamie is merely a shrivelled corpse in the corner…now, barely a shadow of the “Dancing Queen” he previously claimed.

Shame, not getting very far “into the groove” now, are we?

Don’t worry Hun, It’s all just a bit of character building.

Luckily, all that’s left to do is slowly recover in time for Santa…

See you next year x