Before working at Fierce, I used to presume I was relatively healthy. It’s only now that I have realised how incredibly wrong I was.

I couldn’t tell you when the exact moment of realisation that I needed to get my act together happened, but I can tell you it was pretty quick. These guys sure know how to be healthy!

I watched for a while, to see what people were eating, drinking, talking about, silently taking notes. And eventually I began to try it for myself…


At first, I made a kind of pathetic attempt at achieving what I now refer to as the whole ‘water fiasco’. No, I’m not talking about when you drink lots of water, no no. I mean the one where you basically infest your bottle with greenery, you know, chuck in the odd cucumber, lime or just… eh, leaves of some sort?

Anyway, to say that I very quickly gave up on what I like to call ‘the salad water’ is most likely the understatement of the century. On reflection, I can confirm that it didn’t even remotely make me look like I had any idea what I was doing – nor did it give the impression that I was fluent in gym speech. What it did do, however, was making me feel slightly nauseous. Lesson learned. Moving on.

As I’m not a quitter, I decided to try again by taking it as far as going to the fruit shop on my lunch break (this is in replacement of my usual Greggs or a cheeky wee McDonalds from time to time). And goodness guys, that was a genuine eye opener. I’m slightly startled that I’ve made it almost 2 decades on this earth without knowing that half of these fruits even existed. I was mesmerised.

Despite being enamoured, I was still defeated! After arriving with good intentions, I manage to find the only chocolate bar on sale, hidden in a dark corner of the shop (still unsure as to whether this is a talent or not?). Unfortunately, the chocolate looked and tasted far too healthy for my liking, very disappointing.

All joking aside, I then decided that the socks were well and truly getting pulled up. It was time to take the leap and attend the lunchtime gym classes!

The following day included a 45 minutes circuits class. It wasn’t until this day that I realised how long 45 minutes actually is! Anyone who’s familiar with me will know I’m prone to a wee exaggeration, or two…or three…or 100 million. However, I promise you, this was a near death experience.

I found myself throwing medicine balls, flipping tyres, lifting weights, using muscle ropes and jumping on those eh…jumpy block things? I honestly felt like I was Rocky – just far FAR less majestic of course.

To be honest with you, I didn’t even know they used half of this equipment in real life, I thought it only existed in the movie montages or the big city gyms where the celebrities and Instagram influencers go to take selfies! Sorry…I mean work out, obviously…duh? Silly me.

The best class of the week though is without a doubt, Hotpod yoga. Do not be deceived, yoga is not easy! Before starting, my naïve little self, thought “Yoga? That’ll be easy its basically like meditating” No, it is not. Yet again, I was mistaken. It’s really not easy to be stuck inside an inflatable pod with the room temperature cranked up to 40 degrees (that one’s genuinely not an exaggeration, by the way!)

This class reaches a whole new level of endurance fitness; sweating profusely in the downward dog for more than half an hour has you aching in parts of your body you didn’t know were even able to hurt from exercise. Still confused as to why my armpits were sore?!

Surprisingly enough, I’ve been sticking to this gym scenario pretty well, afterwards I come back to work feeling energised and more motivated to crack on with the day. Even the exercising part gets a (tiny) bit easier each week. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even be able to do a class without losing all feeling in my legs, one can dream, right?

Being in a few days a week, I only attend a few of the classes, so as I’m sure you can imagine the extend to what is offered to us throughout the week is fantastic; hotpod yoga, spin classes, circuit classes, CrossFit classes or just access to the gym itself to do your own thing.

Over the past few months, I’ve gained a whole new perspective on fitness and am now, without a doubt, the healthiest I’ve ever been and feeling great. Excuse the fact it sounds like a cheesy advert; but to be honest, I only have Fierce to thank for it.

Speak soon.