As we all know, Fierce Digital delivers fearless and powerful marketing strategies based on specialist and experienced insights.

From PPC to email marketing, Fierce can boost your business to its fullest potential with ease.

So…where do I fit in?


Fierce has very kindly tailored everything I do to my current university coursework.

This allows me to gain a deeper understanding of the material as I go along and, in some cases, ahead of my course.

I’ve been able to grasp the ins and outs of everything the company has to offer in the context of a variety of businesses with differing industries, audiences and goals.

If I were to talk about everything I’ve done in detail, I’d be here all day.

So, instead, I’ll group them into a few key activities…

In recent weeks, I’ve been given the opportunity to compose a range of social media posts tailored to a wide selection of organisations.

Through doing this, I’ve been taught how to correctly regulate, manage and monitor content to get the most out of any social media platform and receive the best results.

In amongst the 23 million questions, I ask daily, I’ve also had the chance to aid the content marketing branch of the company by creating and publishing industry-specific material.

Moreover, whilst working closely alongside sister companies Software Advisory Service and Pursuit Marketing I’ve been able to see my writing have a purpose through the formation of blog posts, landing pages and marketing emails.

Aside from the serious stuff – that occurs most of the time – the rest is spent doing many other highly productive tasks, such as spinning on my swivel chair like a mature and responsible adult!

Or taking a life time to get to grips with some of the office facilities.

Now…sometimes I consider myself as a relatively clever individual…

That is until I’m faced with a foreign printer that is nothing like my own – or the office microwave, but that’s a completely different story that we won’t get into. All I can say is that it’s a good thing a lot of people are at the gym, minimising the audience I humiliate myself in front of…anyway, back to the printer – but, oh dear.

How wrong I am.

Any mere fragments of intelligence seem to fail me…

It is no exaggeration when I say that I spent a solid 20 minutes staring at a machine with about 50 of THE most ambiguous buttons I’ve ever seen in my life (honestly, who knew it could be so complicated to print off a questionnaire?)

Here is a pretty bang on illustration of me attempting to successfully manoeuvre the situation without causing collateral damage to both myself or the company:

Overall, as an additional pair of hands, I’m most definitely kept on my toes.

Speak soon.