“Get away from all the hypothetical Uni work and gain some real-life exposure and experience, Lauren”

–  As quoted by about 10 lecturers at LEAST 50 times a day.


To say that this is drilled into us at university, would be a bit of an understatement – if you walk out that door at the end of the day with just a degree guys, nobody will want to hire you! – which sounds ridiculous…but with the competition nowadays, its true!

Having just started my second year as a business and marketing student I was already getting far too comfortable, which does not sit well with me.

At this point I realised it was time to wangle a cheeky wee foot in the door somewhere, one way or another.

So, I did.

I hunted down fierce asking them if I – pretty pretty please with cherries on top – could be their intern…and luckily, it worked!!

Accurate representation of me…

Long story short, that’s basically how I got here.


When I rocked up on my first day as the new wolf in the pack it was a tad intimidating, not going to lie.

However, I was quickly put at ease by how friendly everyone was, bending over backwards to help me get my head around what they do and their individual role in moving the team forward.

Now a month down the line and having settled in, we thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences with you guys.

I’ll be staying in touch every odd week using this blog to keep you up to date with all the inside gossip as well as what I’m doing as a Fierce intern…

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

Speak soon.

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