Bright and early on Monday morning, the entirety of team fierce skipped back into the office after what can only be described as a well-earned break.

Ready for a new working day ahead, we all floated in the door arm in arm, looking (and feeling, of course) like a chain of fresh daisies dancing in the soft winter breeze.


Well…it went something like that anyway…yes, I know, it sounds delightful, but perhaps, realistically, we looked ever so slightly sleepier!

The monumental “first day back” has arrived and I reckon it’s safe to say that everything has well and truly snapped back to reality.

Not only is today the day where cogs can visibly be seen turning in people’s heads – particularly when trying to remember what day, month or decade it actually is – but today, is also primarily the day of the iconic ‘catch up’.

You know it, I know it. We are ALL guilty.

As follows;

“Did you have a good Christmas?” – “awk, yeah not bad, did you?” – “Awww yeah, it was good thanks”

If you listen closely, guaranteed you’ll hear this echo throughout the office repeatedly on an hourly basis – side note: repetition to the same person not included!

Also, if you block out the noise of the continuous hum of pens scribbling out the accidental ‘2018’ for 2019, you’ll also hear the next statement, which was a strong contender for the top spot – “hang on two seconds, I’ve got a million emails to catch up on” which is a lie. It will not take two seconds. It will not take five minutes. It will, however, consume 75% of your day.

And obviously, last but not least, we can’t forget that one absolute comedian of the office, as he proudly pipes up from the corner; “oh look, its only 365 days till Christmas now harhar”… no way! What a laugh, don’t quit your day job.

As for me, now that everything’s back to a normal routine, I’ve just noticed and am completely refusing to acknowledge the minimal 10 stone I’ve gained over the past 2 weeks! (emphasis on minimal).

After careful consideration, I have come to the extremely conscientious and highly informed decision to allow this to become February’s issue. It would be utterly irresponsible of me to let all that good Christmas chocolate – that I’ve yet to plough through – go to such terrible waste.

Oh well, nothing that the lunchtime gym sessions can’t fix in good time.

In all seriousness though, it sure is good to be back.

Roll on 2019.

Speak soon.