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If you have already launched an eCommerce site, or still in the consideration and planning phase, there are key things to incorporate into your online strategy to ensure the time and money you have invested in your online shopping site is going to bring value to your brand.

The eCommerce industry has expanded at an incredible rate and according to Statista, B2C ecommerce sales are set to hit 2.3 trillion worldwide by 2017. Most retailers now have an online counterpart to their physical stores, and many companies are completely eCommerce based – either way, for any eCommerce, strategy is vital.

There is no value in investing time and money in an eCommerce site that gets no traffic. So here our top tips for marketing your eCommerce site.


Optimising your site is a fundamental first step – ensure your site is easy for visitors to use, navigate around and make purchases. Consumers are impatient beings, so make sure your page load times are fast – just a second or two of waiting could cost you thousands.
It’s also crucial that your site is optimised for SEO. It’s proven that over 80% of consumers research products online before they commit to purchasing. By boosting your position on SERP (search engine results pages) you’re creating an online presence that’s organic and directedly targeted to a consumer’s need. And unlike paid advertising, it doesn’t cost anything – so your cost-per-acquisition is practically nil.


Are you visible where your customers are looking? Don’t fall into the trap of engaging in social media marketing or content marketing if it’s not relevant for your audience. Know your customers and know where they are searching. Start by profiling your customer demographic to truly understand their behaviours and needs. Then develop your digital and marketing strategies around this – not the other way around.


Until recently, proving a tangible ROI on social media activity has been tricky. Your content may have a lot of impressions or interactions, but many purchases are being made on the back of it? With the rise of social shopping and in-app purchasing, brands are making it easier than ever for consumers to make direct purchases on social media. Not only increasing sales but offering a better measurement for social media


When it comes to social content, at Fierce we believe in an 80/20 rule – 80% topical news and 20% product pushing. If you simply plug your product in every post you’ll find it very difficult to engage followers and generate interaction – which is your main social aim. With a solid strategy, you could turn today’s browsers into tomorrow’s buyers!


With the New Facebook Algorithm whipping up a frenzy within the marketing and retail world, paid search is now more important than ever. By advertising your eCommerce site via social or other PPC ads, you can drive targeted shoppers to your store and increase your reach.
Both Paid Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising are highly measurable, so you have real-time access to campaign ROI – allowing you to identify high and low performing areas so you can spend your budget more wisely.



Influencers have become an integral part of many fashion retailers marketing strategies. The social world is rife with a new breed of celebrity, the ‘social celeb’, with blogger profiles frequently outperforming own brand channels for engagement and following levels. The door is well and truly open for brands to tap into the power of influencer marketing for brand promotion. According to Invespcro, 94% of elite marketers engage in influencer marketing as it drives 11 times more ROI than traditional marketing channels.
And there’s no signs of slowing. We predict that influencer marketing will continue to grow. If there’s synergy between your brand and influencer marketing, then give it a shot! But ensure you only collaborate with like-minded influencers who share the same values and have authentic connections – it’s important that content shared through other brands and influencers is valued by their communities and provides genuine growth.

While the internet is a fantastic thing for brands, it’s a competitive space. Gaining momentum for your brand online can be difficult, particularly if you’re just starting out. But by adopting some of the above strategies you’ll have some of foundation blocks for building your eCommerce empire.

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