How Pinterest’s New Ad Format Will Impact Brand Opportunities

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Although marketing strategies have been used by businesses for what feels like forever, people who dabble in it can’t help but get excited when something new and exciting pops up like a fresh spring Daisy from the winter snow.


I mean it, we marketers will make use of anything available in order to boost our brand. Something new and untested, you say? Give it to me! Something weird but promising? I’ll take it! Something slightly untraditional and odd? Don’t worry, I’ll try it out!


In fact, if your business was closed off to change, thinking that what you currently have in your marketing repertoire is enough, then you’ll definitely get lost in the dust of your competitors as they sprint past you. If you want to succeed with your marketing efforts, you must be willing to try something new.


And speaking of news – Pinterest has recently added a new ad format which is set to provide an entirely different experience to their users. As well as offer greater opportunities for companies wishing to showcase their brands.


Here, we’ll take a closer look at Pinterest’s Promoted Video: Max width.



How Does Pinterest Work?


But wait, hold your horses! How does Pinterest work?

As you might already know, Pinterest is a social media platform that makes use of images, videos and GIFs to respond to any search terms their users might have. Clicking on an image will take you directly to the original website where your query will (hopefully) be answered in full. In short, it’s a visual search engine.

Though technically labelled as a social network, CEO Ben Silbermann describes their platform as a collection of ideas that inspires their visitors to go out and create what they want with what they have discovered on Pinterest. Sort of like a DIY accelerator, if you fancy.

There are a quarter-million active users every month (as of October 2018) and as is true with most popular social media platforms, it offers businesses the chance to showcase their products.



The Original Pinterest Ad Format


Originally, Pinterest has four main ad formats. These are promoted pins, promoted video pins, promoted app pins and promoted carousels.

The basic promoted pins are simple images which gives the pin a wider reach. With this, more people will be able to see the pin, which will increase awareness for the brand and ideally drive more traffic to the website as well.

Promoted carousels can be compared to a mini-slideshow. The carousels showcase a collection of images that allow pinners to swipe through the content. It maxes out at five images and can be used to tell a more in-depth story about a product.

You also have promoted app pins, which is something app developers make full use of. These basically make it easier for people to discover new apps, and users can download the app directly from Pinterest without ever leaving the platform.

Lastly, there’s promoted video pins. These are the same size as the basic promoted pins, only in video format. These already stand out from the rest of the content because they easily catch the users’ eye.

However, Pinterest recently made another format available for brands wanting to showcase their products, and there are now two sizes available for promoted video – namely max width and standard width. As you might guess, standard width videos are the same size as your basic promoted pins.

The brand new Promoted Video: Max. Width is just as it claims – really wide. With the new format covering both columns of Pinterest’s two-column feed, it’s obvious just how it can help content stand out even more on the platform.



Pinterest Promoted Video: Max. Width Expectations


But hey, video on Pinterest is nothing new, you might say.

Indeed, videos have been used on Pinterest since 2016, with the social media platform introducing the max width version in late 2018. And the expectations are high: even with only the basic video promotion, statistics show that it doubles the possibility of users purchasing after watching a video.

According to an advertiser, who recently made use of the new max width option, the company saw a 33% increase in purchase intent, as well as a 20% boost in brand awareness. Another brand also saw 23% increase in sharing after trying it out.

It has also proven to be quite effective as a call-to-action, as 67% of video viewers on Pinterest claim they’re inspired to take action after watching the new ad format. These numbers are expected to rise even further as more advertisers try out the new max width Pinterest ad, as wider coverage will only increase interest in the content.



What Does the New Pinterest Ad Format Mean for Brands?


We’ve all heard that” bigger is better”, but does it really apply to everything?

For example, having a bigger dent on your brand new car isn’t exactly ideal, nor is having to buy bigger clothes for your ever expanding midsection. However, in the case of Pinterest’s new video format, we can definitely say that this is a time where the adage rings true.

Pinterest has always been known to feature their posts, known as pins, with roughly the same size. Even if they do differ slightly, it would only be lengthwise as their width has always been the same. The new format, on the other hand, expands the width by up to four times the norm, taking up roughly 90% of the screen.

The new videos cater to the 16:9 aspect ratio, which has become somewhat of a “standard” for video recording.  It is almost impossible to miss something like that, especially if you’re a frequent visitor of the social media platform and have grown used to their uniform width for pins.

We don’t mean to state the obvious, but having an advertising format that is almost impossible to ignore will generate a large amount of opportunities for companies. One of the fundamental purposes of video advertising is to increase awareness. What better way to do that than to put something out that is literally impossible to miss?



So, can Promoted Video: Max. width create more branding opportunities? The simple answer is yes.

But results will still depend on how you make use of the format and leverage it to the fullest to get the best results possible.

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