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A Quick Introduction to B2B Content Marketing

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I reckon we can agree that communication plays an important role in the success of your business.

But how can you leverage your communication efforts properly?

How can you gather even more leads simply by being the very best version of yourself?


I’ve written about content marketing here before, and I still believe that a kick-ass content marketing strategy can be the answer to all your prayers. With B2B content marketing, your business can have a solid platform for creating and disseminating content that’s relevant to your products – as well as content that can raise the curiosity of and generate interest amongst potential buyers.

Defined in the simplest of ways, content marketing is all about using the correct types of content to develop an audience – and then strengthening and expanding this while also creating a brand presence that can easily catch and sustain the interest of other companies.

And I’m not the only one preaching this. In a recent report by content king HubSpot, it’s revealed that company website with blogs have nearly 50% more visitors than those who don’t. Frequent blog updates and good SEO knowledge means that more people get to see your content day after day.

In other words, good B2B content marketing can put you in front of more potential customers.



What are the Most Popular B2B Content Marketing Platforms?


Despite popular belief, a company blog is not the only type of content frequently used in content marketing strategies. But what are the other options you should focus on?


Email Marketing

Although some would say that email marketing is “old” or “outdated”, we here at Fierce strongly disagree. Used correctly, email can be an essential tool for sales and communication. Whatever you do, don’t ignore its power.


Social Media

Social media now offers one of the easiest ways of engaging people. Paid and organic content provides businesses opportunities to connect with a wider audience, so reaching potential clients and partners are now becoming easier than ever. If you’re looking to create a solid connection, this is it.

But make sure that you don’t let any of these social media mistakes ruin your reputation.



These days, consumers crave visuals like never before.

With videos, you can easily retain your customers’ attention with nothing but a good story and attractive visuals. According to LinkedIn, more than 90% of consumers find videos helpful when making decisions. More importantly, business leaders who are first exposed to a vendor’s video are more likely to navigate to their website.



How can you use B2B Content Marketing Effectively?


So, you want to maximize the benefits of B2B content marketing.

You want to engage people and lead them into your funnel.

But how do you actually get the ball rolling?


Do you know your target audience?


Before you can come up with an effective content strategy, you must first ensure that you understand the needs of your target audience. What are they interested in? What do they need?

A good way of doing this is by constantly monitoring your website visitors. Information from Google Analytics will make it easier to see what your customers are searching for. And, by using a tool like HotJar, you can easily evaluate whether your current content fulfills their demands.

A little research will go a long way in helping craft a good content campaign.


Answer relevant questions


Regularly putting content online will keep your readers intrigued.

Before you write the content, however, we recommend that you compile a list of ideas and topics that will always be relevant to your audience. Observe what’s trending among your target audience, or take a quick look at what your competition is currently talking about. Can you join the conversation?

You can also put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and ask yourself what they would be wondering. Which questions would they want answered? You can the use these answers as the focus of your blog posts.


Always come up with well-written, relevant content.


Ensure that every blog post featured on the website is not only relevant, but also well-written.

Additionally, you want to make sure that your tone of voice matches your brand. If you’re a financial services provider, your clients are likely to expect you to be rather formal-sounding and appropriate. If you run a surf school, on the other hand, your clients probably expect your content to be presented in a more laidback tone. As a rule of thumb, speak to your audience in their own language.

Does this sound too confusing? Look into your target audience on social media – what types of language do they use there?


Share content regularly


Social media should be a major part of every company’s B2B marketing campaign. It’s important, however, to use it properly.

Your business should never never never go on social media only to sell. Trust us – your followers will hate you for it and press “unfollow” instantly. The proper strategy is to establish a connection with your target audience, and let them develop trust and confidence in your brand.

Your social media channels should entertain them, warm them up – and then your website can close the leads when they’re ready.



Ready to Create a Fab Content Marketing Strategy?


Hopefully you’re now ready to take your first steps towards a kick-ass content marketing campaign. Do you still find it a bit too complicated? Contact our content marketing experts here at Fierce Digital, and unlock the key to your future growth today.