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6 Brilliant Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing in 2019 - Fierce Digital

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Marketing outsourcing has seen a tremendous growth in the past few years. In fact, the US alone reported a 57% growth in usage – and there are no signs of it slowing down just yet.


Here at Fierce Digital, we believe that marketing can either make or break a company. It’s arguably the most effective way of bringing in customers, which – to be honest – is kind of the whole point of selling something. I mean, what’s the point of running a business if there are no customers?

We’ve worked with many businesses over the past few years, from small startups to big conglomerates, and they all want to accelerate growth, on-board new customers and sell products like there’s no tomorrow. But very few companies have the necessary talent available in-house. And if this is your current situation, then I recommend that you read on – here’s 6 brilliant reasons for why you should outsource your marketing in 2019.


1. You get access to experience and skills which usually take years to accumulate.

There’s no getting away from it – marketing experts needs a multitude of skills in order to market a brand successfully. And some of this knowledge can take years to accumulate.

Perhaps your budget only allows for a very limited marketing team. To cope with this, you’ve hired marketing all-rounders – they know the basics of marketing, but they’re by no means specialists. So, what do you do when you suddenly want someone to deliver a kick-ass PPC campaign? Or to perform a strong growth hack effort before the launch of a new product?

You call the experts, of course.

If you outsource to an experienced marketing agency, all you need to do is sit back and reap the benefits.


2. If you try to learn as you go, you might end up in the red.

There’s a time for learning by trying.

And there’s a time when you simply can’t afford to wing your marketing efforts. No matter how many articles you read or podcasts you listen to, you probably won’t become a marketing expert in just a few weeks.

Not getting the results you wanted will only lead to frustration which will increase the risk of making even more mistakes. Obviously, if you were to make full use of an outsourcing company and have them market your products, this would be no issue.


3. They know the best practices and tools to use when it comes to marketing efforts.

Just as no plumber is ever comfortable without their toolbox, no marketer can do their job properly if they don’t make full use of the right tools. It’s not all charm and knowing the right thing to say, because in today’s technological landscape, even marketing needs a leg up.

Another thing that comes from their experience is knowing the best practices for what needs to be done. The latest trends and techniques are something you can read off the internet, but it takes a real expert to use them to their full potential.


4. You save time.

You have just as many hours in the day as Beyoncé.

Yet, somehow, it’s always tricky to find the time to do all the things that need to be done, especially if your business is still starting out.

Time is arguably the most valuable resource for any company. By outsourcing your marketing to an expert team, you can free up more of your own time. This means you can focus on what matters the most – doing your actual job. As the top dog, you’ll also have more time to think about further improving your business rather than worry about your marketing.


5. Many companies are making use of outsourcing

When asked why they acquired outsourced services, 57% of the companies replied that it enabled them to focus on core business functions. Another 47% claimed that outsourcing solves basic business capacity issues.

As more and more companies acquire outsourced marketing services, it’s important that you keep up with developments. After all, there’s a reason why outsourcing is so big right now. Who knows, chances are that your competitors are already enjoying the benefits of outsourcing their marketing processes.

It’s one thing to jump on the bandwagon just because everyone is doing it. It’s a completely different thing to do so because you see the benefits you will reap from it.


6. You can keep up with the demands of modern customers and clients

Customers these days are expecting more and more from you. And with more than 3.2 billion people around the world are online, it’s safe to say that your customers are more informed than ever.

In order to succeed, you’ll need an expert’s help in navigating through the rough waters. Someone who knows what the customer want, and how you’re able to deliver your message in a way that has them responding positively.


Many have already experienced the advantages of outsourcing their marketing efforts. Why don’t you be the next one? Let’s chat about how Fierce Digital can take your marketing to the next level.