This is not the first time we’ve mentioned what a great platform LinkedIn actually is (And it probably won`t be the last one either!).

In fact, we truly believe that LinkedIn is the perfect place to increase brand awareness, boost website traffic, expand personal connections, and develop a network with people from your industry.

However, some people have the wrong idea of how LinkedIn works. And using it the wrong way can inevitably hurt both your brand image and credibility.

Your strategy – or lack of – may be holding you back from getting real engagement and value.

We get it, social media is complicated stuff. A strategy that works wonders on Facebook, for example, might not give you the same results on LinkedIn. Your goal should be to generate leads on LinkedIn, and you will only achieve this by providing content that people want to consume specifically on this platform.


Why is LinkedIn so Important?

LinkedIn hosts a community of something like 630 million professionals in more than 200 countries. That’s insane numbers. In other words, this can be a real goldmine for you – and perhaps especially if you’re in the B2B industry.

The number of users on the platform increased dramatically in 2018, and this growth is only expected to continue through the next few years. LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network. And just like any other social media site, you’re expected to engage with other users in the community to build your network.

Rather interestingly, a full 40 million of its members are now top-tier players – what we often refer to as Thought Leaders and Decision Makers. Another 61 million are considered Influencers, again of the top-tier variety.

While you can’t become an industry-leading influencer overnight, there’s still plenty of steps you can take in order to increase your engagement and visibility on the platform. Here, we’ve gathered up a cheat list of 14 different ways to benefit from LinkedIn’s features and seriously boost your engagement. Let’s get going!


1. Link your Company Page to your Personal Profile

A newcomer might think that LinkedIn focuses solely on your business. However, this is only half of the truth: personal profiles still influence most of the platform. This is because people have a penchant for following a personal profile rather than a brand. After all, people prefer to interact with other people.

Company pages provide necessary information about your business, but you cannot send personal message and connection requests from a business page alone. By linking it to your personal profile, your posts can create awareness and generate maximum engagement both for your business and the page.


2. Share Your Values

Never make your profile 100% business.

Your aim is to appear like a normal human being, so act like on! In your LinkedIn profile writing, show who you are and what your company stands for. But always keep it honest, relevant and authentic – after all, people often want to interact with companies who share their values.


3. Update your Info

Always ensure that you have an updated professional LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, people can inadvertently skip through viewing your profile and completely overlook it once they see that it’s outdated. This means that you can lose the opportunity to connect and engage.

It’s imperative to remember that LinkedIn profile searches are mostly carried out using a specific algorithm, and your profile can easily be overlooked on the search results page if you don’t enter key information on your profile. So, whether you just got a promotion, acquired a new skill set, or moved to a new location, it’s best to keep your information updated.


4. Choose the Right Profile and Banner Images

Like with any other social media platforms, your profile photo and banner image will give your LinkedIn profile a much-needed vibrance. But choose your images with care – professional appearance matters.

Fellow LinkedIn members will see your headshot or logo every time they interact with you, so make sure you look your best. Use a high-resolution image that displays a professional appearance relevant to the industry you’re in. Banners, on the other hand, will get your brand across while communicating valuable information to visitors.


5. Create Fabulous Content

You won’t get real engagement by only posting promotional materials and links to your website. Do you know what you’ll get if that’s all you do?


Real engagement comes from creating content that adds value for the people who follow you. In social media marketing, we have something called the “Jab, jab, punch” technique. Essentially, this means that you share helpful content (a jab), then maybe an insightful opinion (another jab), and then – when your audience is all warmed up and appreciative of your help – you give them an offer they can’t refuse (a punch). But never over-do it.

You can start by describing your brand story and values. How did you get where you are today? Which challenges did you overcome? What’s your passion? You can also share other people’s articles (if they’re relevant to you), graphics and other visuals to spice up their interest.

Bonus tip: Use keywords to make sure your content shows up in pertinent search results to make your target audience finds them. This is very helpful especially when generating leads on LinkedIn.


6. Make your Profile Mobile Friendly

Google’s effort to make websites more friendly does also impact LinkedIn. In fact, the mobile-first index shows that mobile-friendly LinkedIn profiles have a higher chance of appearing in the search results – thereby providing you with greater engagement.

Make sure that your profile looks good and functions well on the LinkedIn mobile app. The best way to do this is to basically check it yourself. Are your images and videos formatted properly? Does your professional LinkedIn profile look the way you want it to?


7. Use LinkedIn’s Native Content System

LinkedIn’s native content system lets you publish short stories or upload videos without forcing the users off the platform. And social media platforms absolutely love it when the users remain on site.

This means that videos directly uploaded to LinkedIn, rather than posted on a third-party site like YouTube, often rank much better. While posting a video might not instantly generate leads for you, it’s still a powerful way of building a valuable audience on the platform

Four people standing together on their phones

8. Feature Your Skills

LinkedIn is the best place to be for those of us who likes to humble-brag.

And indeed, you should! In fact, LinkedIn has a dedicated skills and endorsement section. By listing down five or more skills, you can experience a huge increase in profile views compared to the users who don’t. The skills section shows the top three in the list before the “show more” button, so make sure that you highlight the most relevant ones.

If you want to maximise the skills and endorsement section, you can check out the many professional LinkedIn profile services on the market. Alternatively, you can start endorsing friends and colleagues, and see if they return the favour.


9. Join Groups

You can actively increase engagement by connecting. You can do this by simply connecting with anyone who engages with your content, or by joining relevant LinkedIn groups. Identify key professionals and influencers in the groups, and connect with them so that they can give you the extra boost you need. However, always try to be professional and helpful – if you come across as needy and spammy, you might end up being removed from the group.

When done correctly, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your network and connect with more people from your industry. Moreover, it can help establish your credibility as an industry leader once you start to contribute valuable content to these groups.


10. Keep it Simple

Although you can create various types of content directly from LinkedIn – such as videos and long article – there is one specific type of content that continuously outperform all other types of content. Unlike Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn’s algorithm prefers text-only posts.

If you’re putting together a LinkedIn content strategy, why not try out a few text-only posts to test the waters? The results might surprise you.


11. Use Hashtags

Hashtags now plays a significant role in increasing the searchability and visibility of your posts on LinkedIn. But keep it to a minimum – not more than 5-6 hashtags per post and make sure that you only use ones that are relevant to your content, company or industry. Overdoing it might make your audience question your credibility.


12. Interact with Other Members

This may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the most effective ways of boosting your engagement is simply to engage with other members. By liking and leaving genuine comments on other people’s posts, you can make new, authentic connections.

And the more you do this, chances are that they’ll return the favour and leave you some comments, too. After all, people love to reciprocate.


13. Leverage Influencers

When someone engages with your post, everyone in their network can potentially see it.

That’s powerful stuff, and it should open up your doors for engaging with influencers and thought-leaders in your industry. One of the easiest ways to connect and leverage influencers is to mention them, naturally. Perhaps you can share a quote by them? Or you can ask them to contribute feedback on an interesting project or challenge you’ve been working on? Having just one person respond to your post can lead to a completely new audience becoming aware of you and your business.


14. Stay the Course

The key to success is consistency. And this is especially true with LinkedIn, as its algorithm prefers members who post on the platform frequently.

Try to boost your engagement by posting meaningful and helpful content 4-5 times a week – and then keep that up for a few months! And, this can’t be emphasized enough: consistency should always go hand-in-hand with quality.


Boost Your LinkedIn Strategy

These are just a few of the tips that can boost your LinkedIn engagement in 2019. And indeed, you should! LinkedIn’s incredible growth is proof that it will remain a vita platform for your brand awareness strategy in years to come – so you better play the game right.

Do you need a bit of extra magic in your LinkedIn strategy? Leave your social media management in the hands of Fierce Digital. Let’s take your LinkedIn profile to the next level!